Pacifica Is Clean Beauty For Vegans, Naturally

We are big champions of brands that value compassion. That’s what Pacifica offers the planet, animals and you – compassion.

They’re one of the big brands emerging from the clean beauty movement. Their name is on the tip of the tongue of of our favorite clean beauty influencers

What’s Special About Pacifica? 

Not only are Pacifica a clean beauty company but they’re also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

That means you can enjoy a full range of products that are guaranteed to be kind to your body but that have never harmed an animal in their production. 

pacifica vegan silk

Their products are premium but they often have solid promotions that include free delivery and free gifts with purchases which are a nice touch. 

They’ve been around since 1996 too, long before this was a “trend” and that means they’re very likely to be around to support your purchases and to remain an ethical company too.

Founded by Brook Harvey-Taylor this is a female-led American success story we can all get behind.

Our Favorite Pacifica Products

One thing we really like about Pacifica is their bundles which let you try a range of products at a more economical rate.

pacifica coconut cream

Some of our favorites include The Clean Makeup Kit, The Sunshine Highs Haircare Bundle and the Coconut Cream Bundle

Final Thoughts On Pacifica

If you’re looking to make sure that your beauty routine is kinder, more natural and still rock solid – you have to consider Pacifica next time you shop. 

They’re awesome because they were committed to a more compassionate world before the rest of us awoke to the need for it. 

You can check out Pacifica online here.

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