Package Free Shop Is Zeroing Out Waste

One thing that people don’t seem to consider enough when buying sustainable products is the packaging.

Packaging is often unnecessary, and, in all cases, it creates waste that needs disposing of.

Sure, you can get packaging that’s more eco-friendly, but wouldn’t life be better without packaging at all?

Well, that’s the ethos of the Package Free Shop.

We’ve featured the Package Free Shop in our round-up of the top Zero Waste Stores.

Package free shop
Plastic Free July

Their motto is “trash is for tossers” and it’s also the name of their blog.

Their founder and CEO, Lauren Singer, is happy to introduce you to her mission which is to make the world a less trashy place by designing and selling products that are meant to reduce our waste output.

She’s a zero waste rock star.

Living Your Best Life Can Be Fun

She says that it’s important that people know that living a low waste (or even a zero waste) life can a lot of fun and that it is also cost-effective and open to everyone.

She proudly boasts that the total amount of trash that she has generated herself in the last 8 years can all fit inside a single 16-ounce mason jar!

lauren singer from trash is for tossers

This impressive achievement has been the result of a dedicated approach to sourcing products both from brands and from individuals that have the mission of creating a positive environmental impact.

Lauren says her customers have ensured that hundreds of millions of pieces of trash have never been created and thus never been land-filled.

Zero Waste Kits

They sell a load of amazing products but our favorites are the “Zero Waste Kits” which help you conduct specific activities without generating any waste.

package free shop picnic

The Zero Waste Picnic Kit, for example, lets you have dinner for two anywhere without creating anything that you need to throw away.

The plates, containers, napkins and tumblers are all reusable. The bug spray is designed to be completely consumed in use.

No waste. How awesome is that?

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