Pact Clothing Is Champion Of Sustainable Apparel

Pact Clothing is one of our all-time favoritesfavorites! If you want to look great while supporting sustainable fashion then you’ll definitely want to check out Pact!

They are one of the legendary names in sustainable clothing, apparel and fashion.

You can shop online at Pact here.

What Does Pact Clothing Stand For?

The company says, “we do organic” and most importantly, it’s what they’ve always done.

This isn’t a Johnny-come-lately or a more established business swerving to cash in on the sustainability market.

Pact is an established sustainable fashion player that has always cared about the quality of the products that they supply.

They say that they’re out to challenge the idea that wearing organic should be expensive or only reserved for special occasions.

They say it’s about making people realize that they can be ethical and sustainable in their fashion choices all of the time.

They’re committed to making affordable clothing made from 100% organic cotton with no toxic dyes that is designed to minimize the impact on the planet and to positively impact the people who make that clothing with a commitment to Fair Trade and ethics. [source: Pact]

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Pact Apparel wants people to know that when others say “change can be tough” – it’s not the case. You can change if you want to and they’ll support that change.

The Facts That Make The Case For Pact

The average American throws out over 80lbs of clothing in a single year!

That means that ethical clothing must be made to last – it’s not meant to end in the bin.

It also means that the packaging that clothes come in must be recyclable and/or compostable.

Pact feel that the biggest impact comes from Organic Cotton – that is cotton that doesn’t use any of the 700 chemical ingredients that the industry typically uses and pollutes the world with.

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They also want to point out that it uses less water than traditional cotton, how much less water? 91%.

That would mean if the world’s cotton industry switched to organic growing – they would save 218 billion liters of water!

That means they’d save the equivalent of nearly 90,000 Olympic swimming pools full of water.

To help you appreciate these differences – every Pact garment comes with a sticker explaining just how much water was saved when it was made with organic cotton.

Would you believe that a single pack of bed sheets can save 540 gallons of water? It’s nice to know how much difference you’re making when you buy products.

What Do Pact Apparel Sell?

Pact has a huge range of choices and you can buy women’s, men’s, kid’s and baby’s clothing from them as well as bedding and bath towels!

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That means before you buy anything made of fabric – you ought to see what they have to offer.

Final Thoughts

Pact Clothing is a major player in the sustainable clothing market and deservedly so.

They’ve got a history of commitment to making a difference and that means they’re in it for the long haul. Plus, they have great customer service.

You can be proud of the products that you buy from them – even the labeling explains how much of a difference you are making.

You can shop online at Pact here.

PRO TIP: Find your favorite Pact Apparel garment and search for in online thrift stores.

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