Pixie Mood Delights With Cruelty-Free Vegan Handbags

Pixie Mood is committed to style without compromises.

Their fashionable vegan leather handbags are magnificant.

If you’re not familiar with vegan leather you can get up to speed with our vegan leather guide here.

There’s a good chance that Pixie Mood will convince you to switch to vegan handbags.

They Make No Compromises

Pixie Mood was founded in 2010 with the sole intent of making great bags that are both sustainable and socially responsible.

They chose to make vegan products because they feel they represent the best hope for the future of the planet and it allowed them to eliminate animal cruelty from their supply chain. 

Pixie Mood Is Socially Aware

This company is the real deal. No greenwashing or faux-claims of sustainability. Their commitment to social responsibility isn’t just hot air.

Pixie Mood works with a variety of charities to ensure that they make a difference in the community.

pixie mood alicia tote bag

They’ve worked with The Humane Society, One Tree Planted, the Girl Guides, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, in recent years and with more causes over the lifetime of the company. 

Our Favorite Pixie Mood Products

We only wish that we had an endless amount of wardrobe capacity and that minimalism wasn’t the way forward for a happier life, every time that we browse the Pixie Mood website.

pixie mood leila backpack

However, we’ve settled on a couple of choices that we think everyone will love as much as we do, the Alicia Tote II and the Leila Backpack

They’re both hardwearing and stylish and ideal for everyday use and are likely to last for years. 

Final Thoughts On Pixie Mood

One of our missions in life is to eliminate animal cruelty in our wardrobe, its just so unnecessary. 

Pixie Mood allows us to do just that without compromising on our personal style. 

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