Plant-Based Profits Podcast Is Essential Listening

Have you ever thought about turning your love for plant-based things into profit?

The Plant-Based Profits Show is all about how some entrepreneurs have gone from plant-based diets to serious money. 

Shawn Stratton and Ronnie “Tsunami” Gandiza have been talking to the vegans and vegetarians turning everything from vegan leather to vegan bacon into serious bank.

Example Episodes

plant-based profits

You can find a full list of episodes of the show here but here are a few examples of what you will find.

Dr Pamela Fergusson who has worked with UNICEF and the World Food Program explains everything from how to leverage social media for your brand to how to run a full iron-distance triathlon on a plant-based diet.

And Keegan Kuhn, a world class filmmaker, shows us which industries are causing the most damage to the planet today and offers insight into how social justice might turn this around.

There’s something for everyone on The Plant-Based Profits Show even those who don’t lead a plant-based lifestyle can find something to enjoy here. Check the show out here.

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