Plant-Based Movement Picks Up Steam During Pandemic

There have been many corporate and cultural winners and losers during the pandemic.

But one surprising area of good news is that of the plant-based diet movement. 

During the pandemic, there has been a noticeable shift to plant-based eating around the world.

The Meat Industry Found Itself Hurting

The meat industry has had a hard time over the course of the pandemic.

Many meat processing plants were forced to close and hundreds of thousands of animals were slaughtered for no purpose – they weren’t even eaten – in response.

meat industry hurting

Many companies, such as Wendy’s found themselves unable to supply their customers with meat-based products at all (even after the slaughterhouses were given the all-clear as essential businesses to keep working in the pandemic).

The Measurable Impact On The Plant-Based Movement

Of course, none of this would mean much if it had no measurable improvement for the plant-based movement and at first glance, the numbers weren’t great. 

Even though demand for meat products increased (for cooked products it went up by 28 percent and for uncooked by 34 percent) the demand for plant-based meat substitutes soared.

Plant-Based Movement

In contrast, the demand for cooked products went up by 35 percent and the uncooked demand jumped by an incredible 53 percent!

Alternative-Meat Companies Thriving

And this, in turn, led to some fairly noticeable happiness at the alternative meat companies.

Impossible Foods, who are on our list of the best plant burgers, expanded its workforce, gave its employees a pay rise and increased the number of available shifts.

impossible whopper

Beyond Meat reported recorded sales during the pandemic and McDonald’s decided to take them on too. 

mcplant burger

It’s said that they’re finding that customers were put off by reports of sick workers in the meat industry and found themselves looking for alternatives.

Will It Last?

The big question, of course, is will this change last? 

It’s fine for consumers to try new things but are they converting from meat or is this a stop gap until meat becomes easily available again? 

It’s hard to tell for sure but we’re optimistic. 

There’s no doubt that plant-based diets are seeing a huge increase in take up, generally, there’s no reason to think that some of those who tried this way of eating, wouldn’t have liked it and stuck with it after the pandemic is done. 

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