Plant-Powered Beauty Is DIY Beauty Nirvana

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Plant-Powered Beauty by Amy Galper and Christina Daigneualt is a book that should be required reading for anyone interested in natural skincare. It’s that good.

While we absolutely agree that there are areas for debate when it comes to choosing a vegan diet, there are no such grey areas when it comes to skincare.

Your natural skincare regime can (and should) be completely ethical and plant-based. That’s where Plant-Powered Beauty by Amy Galper and Christina Daigneualt’s book comes in handy.

Every Plant-Powered Beauty Technique You Need

This book, as you can tell from the title, packs a ton of information into creating a complete plant-based skincare regime. You can make your own blemish cover up gel, natural mouthwash, health serum and much more by following the 50 recipes inside.

We found all of the recipes to be easy to follow and the resulting products were wonderful, we wouldn’t be parted from our Choc-o-Mint Lip Balm now by anything other than a force of nature.

The reviews for this beautiful book are very positive:

This book was really informative!! Its full of recipes for skin care and hair care. I especially loved the essential oil category where they had many oil synergies, The recipes were easy to follow and the ingredients werent that hard to find. this is a great book for anyone who wants to start learning about natural ways to take care of your skin and hair.

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The Authors

The Downside? It’s Expensive

The only major downside of this beauty regime is that it’s not cheap. The authors have gone for a lot of essential oils as their ingredients and they are very expensive. Some of these DIY recipes cost more to make than their equivalent “on the shelf” products.

Now, that may be OK for some people for whom their environmental impact is most important but for the more cost-conscious, it’s something to bear in mind.

You can check out Plant-Powered Beauty: The Essential Guide to Using Natural Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Skincare (with 50-plus Recipes) by Amy Galper and Christina Daigneault online here.