Poshmark vs. ThredUP Fuels Thrifting Online Competition

One very positive, actionable change you can make to live a more sustainable life is to start thrifting. Sell your used clothing online!

The best online thrift stores let you turn a profit while you contribute to the circularity.

But how do you choose between Poshmark Vs ThredUP, the two biggest industry names?

So whether you’re embracing slow fashion or trying to decide what to do with your old t-shirts, this write up is for you!

Poshmark | The Basics

poshmark thrift

Poshmark is a social media-based app that lets you put up photos of your clothing, add the original and selling prices and any details that you think might help sell them.

If you buy from Poshmark, they recommend other users to follow based on the preferences they glean from your Facebook friends.

Selling is simple. When somebody buys what you have to sell – they send you a shipping label via email.

You print the label and then mail the package from the post office.

ThredUP | The Basics

thredup logo

There’s no app to be used with ThredUp instead, they have a fully-featured e-commerce website (it’s a bit like eBay but with a focus on quality garments). 

However, it’s even easier to deal with ThredUP than it is with Poshmark. 

You simply bundle up everything you want to sell and send it ThredUP.

You authorize ThredUP to clean and present the garments and then they do all the work.

When the item sells, they take their commission and send you the rest of the money.

If ThredUP feels an item isn’t suitable for sale, they can either recycle it for you or you can have them return it to you for a small fee.

What Does It Cost? Poshmark Vs ThredUP

Poshmark takes a fixed $2.95 for any item sold for under $15. After that they take 20%. 

This isn’t as steep as it sounds as the fee also includes your shipping costs. 

You get paid when the buyer confirms receipt and that they’ve got the right order. 

ThredUp is more complicated. 

They take a sliding scale of fees and you can get paid before anything sells or after it sells (which increases your take). 

Final Thoughts On Poshmark vs. ThredUP

So, while Poshmark and ThredUP do the same thing, they are a little different.

With Poshmark – you do all the hard work to sell the goods, but you do it via an app and Poshmark takes a low fee.

With ThredUP – they do all the hard work, there’s no app and ThredUP’s fees (though variable) are a bit heavier. 

We tend to use Poshmark when we only have a couple of things to sell (and don’t mind doing the work) but when we have a lot of stuff, we bag it up and send it to ThredUP and let them do the work.