Prose Is The Future Of Shampoo

There’s nothing quite like your hair and the way that your hairstyle presents you to the world.

But how do you ensure that your hair says good things about you while it does good things for the planet?

It’s a trick question and one that Prose set out to answer with their customized shampoo solutions.

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Not One For The Masses

Prose says that most haircare is meant “for the masses” and what that really means is less choice rather than more choice.

The same ingredients, in the same products, intended to be acceptable to as many people as possible.

Though the outcomes of using these products can be different, the choices that you can make are almost always the same.

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Their difference is that they employ custom haircare. That is, they use products that are tailored to each individual – this recognizes that you are not a number but a unique individual.

The idea is that a bespoke product will suit your haircare needs better and surprisingly, it doesn’t stop there – their products evolve and improve over time, so, you will always get the best possible shampoo no matter when you order.

How Does Prose Tailor The Products?

Their products are tailored to meet the conditions in your ZIP code in terms of weather and environment and you make them better by reporting on the results.

Each time that you give feedback, their research and development team springs into action to tweak the formula.

Over time, between you and the Prose team, you really should be able to the exact formula for your haircare that products perfect results without ruining the planet.

You start this process with a consultation from a Prose specialist who can explain how it works and what they need from you to make things perfect for you.

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Prose Does Not Compromise, Neither Should You

Prose’s sustainable qualifications are great.

They’re a certified B Corp and they ensure that there are no compromises made on the use of materials, on the wages paid to workers, the trees and plants used in packaging and products, etc.

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In short, this is haircare that cares as much about the world as it does about you and we like it that way.

Check out the Prose website here.

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