10 Reasons To Buy Used Clothing At Secondhand Stores

One of the simplest and easy ways to ensure a better future for the planet and our children is to stop buying new clothes.

Instead, shop for secondhand clothes at one of the many offline or online thrift stores. Buy used clothing!

Some people need a little persuading to get with this program. We get it!

So for them, we’ve got the best motivation ever to start shopping for secondhand clothes. We get less push-back from the teenager in the house if we call them vintage.

Buy used clothing

Our Top 10 Reasons To Buy Used Clothing At Second Hand Stores

  1. It’s good for the environment. It doesn’t get any better than reusing something that has already been made – even if the original production of the item wasn’t good for the environment, that can’t be undone but by extending the life of a piece of clothing, you help offset the harm done in making it.
  2. It’s amazing fun. When you shop in a brand name store, you know exactly what experience you’re getting as you shop – everything is predictable. Hit up a secondhand store though and who knows what kind of amazing finds you might unearth on their clothing rails?
  3. It’s much more cost-effective. We don’t want to say cheap, because we’re not budgies, but yeah, it’s cheap. Secondhand clothing tends to go for a fraction of what it costs brand new and this is particularly true in stores which have some sort of charitable tie. If you want to make your money go farther (and in these troubled economic times, who doesn’t?) then you need to start buying clothes secondhand.
  4. You stop being at the mercy of the seasons. Seasonal fashion is a myth created by the fashion industry which is designed to rinse as much money out of your pocket as possible. How could a t-shirt that looked amazing on you in March suddenly look dreadful two months later? Well, it can’t. When you start buying secondhand, you start buying clothes you love not the clothes designers want you to buy.
  5. You can be more creative with your wardrobe. Clothes can be expensive, and this often leads to very conservative clothes shopping because who wants to try something new if it might not work well? But when you’re buying clothes cheaply, you can keep trying new styles and ideas and create something unique.
  6. You will start to pick up exclusive pieces. Sure, not everything you find will be a DKNY original but you’ll start to find clothing that literally, no-one else can buy without having it custom made. You can be different whenever you want.
  7. It helps your imagination start to work. Clothes in a high street fashion outlet only tell one story, normally, that of child labor and poverty in the third world. Clothes in secondhand stores have a whole different story to tell. Maybe that beautiful leather coat was once the property of a globe-trotting model? You can give your clothes their own background stories!
  8. You develop a real sense of style. Shopping for identical sets of clothing in identical stores leaves many people with no real sense of style, they might as well be a store dummy. When each piece you buy is individual – you soon start to learn to express yourself authentically.
  9. You can recycle your old clothes. You don’t just have to buy clothes in secondhand stores, you can also sell off your old clothes and give them a bit of an extra lease on life and put some extra money in your pocket to spend on new ones!
  10. You can contribute to charity. Many secondhand clothes stores are charitably inclined that means every time that you spend money, you’re also giving to a good cause!
secondhand clothing is good

Want to make a change and reduce the environmental impact of your fashion choices? We recommend you start with our Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Starter Guide.

We urge you to jump right in and join the Fashion Revolution.