10 Good Reasons to Make Your Own Candles

Make Your Own Candles

We love making candles. We make them all the time here at Whole People. It’s a good thing, as they say.

Whether you make your own from scratch or you use a candle-making kit we’ve identified the best reasons to make your own candles and we want to share them with you.

Reasons to Make Your Own Candles

  1. You’ll have plenty of fun. It’s always best to get the most important reason upfront. Making candles is fun and having fun is a very important part of reducing the stress of modern life and living a more healthy lifestyle.
  2. It will save you money. Candles from the shops are lovely but they can be so expensive! We took a look in a specialist candle retailer the other day and a medium sized scented candle was $50! Your own candles will cost much less.
  3. They make fantastic gifts. You’ll never be short of gift ideas again. And there’s nothing better than a gift with the personal touch, is there?
  4. You can get into aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is said to bring many different health benefits and you can start participating by adding essential oils to your candles. This is not at all challenging to do, either.
  5. Your kids can join in. Finding creative tasks for the whole family can be a challenge but because candle making is super simple, it’s easy for your kids to take part in the fun. They just need to be careful around the hot wax.
  6. You choose the colors. Finding the candle in that perfect shade on the shelf can be a big challenge but when you make your own, you can tailor them to your exact needs. You can mold the shape easily enough too.
  7. You choose the scent. The scent of candles is important and sometimes you don’t want a scent at all if you have a sensitive nose. When you make them, you choose the way that they smell.
  8. You could make a business out of it. If you wanted to start a little business on Etsy or Shopify or at a local market, candle making is a very simple way to get started and it requires no major investment.
  9. It’s super easy. We cannot stress how easy it is to make candles. This is not an art project like carving a statue – it’s for everyone.
  10. The end products make a home a nicer place to be. Finally, there’s nothing quite like being surrounded by beautiful candles that you made yourself. It’s soothing, relaxing and just awesome.