10 Good Reasons to Switch to Vegan Leather

The time has come for everyone to switch to vegan leather. You included!

You’ll be in good company! Check out all the vegan handbags and vegan purse brands using plant-based vegan leather these days. Even the actress and celebrity Pamela Anderson has launched a vegan leather handbag line.

Switch to Vegan Leather!

  1. It’s fashionable. We buy clothes and accessories to look good and part of that is about following fashion. Well, there’s no bigger fashion at this moment in time than vegan beauty. Sure, it may not be the best reason to use vegan leather (we think our 9 other reasons are better) but if you want to follow fashion – it’s a great place to start.
  2. The colors last longer. For fairly complex manufacturing reasons it’s easier to stain vegan leather consistently than it is to stain cow leather. That means that they tend to get a better lasting dye and thus, when you own a vegan leather product it’s less likely to fade with use.
  3. It’s kinder to cows. Sadly, the only way to make cow leather is to relieve a cow of its skin. As you can imagine, this doesn’t feel particularly good to the cow which has to die in order to be parted from its covering. So, when you use vegan leather you’re not contributing to this cruelty.
  4. It reduces water waste. Cows use up an awful lot of water when they’re growing up. In fact, the whole cattle industry is incredibly wasteful when it comes to the use of water. As you probably know, we’re facing global water shortages. So, reducing water waste and using vegan leather is important.
  5. It reduces carbon emissions. Yes, we know it sounds funny but cow farts are often thought to be a huge contributor to global warming. When cows aren’t farmed for leather, there won’t be any farts to contribute to climate change.
  6. It reduces toxic chemical use. Making cow leather is not easy. In fact, it requires the application of many toxic chemicals to treat the skin to turn it into leather. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that vegan leather alternatives simply don’t need these chemicals.
  7. It improves working conditions.Vegan companies tend to be more focused on a sustainable ethical way of life than those involved in traditional industries like leather working. Vegan leather companies tend to pay fair wages and treat their staff fairly and this is a real plus for developing world workers in particular.
  8. It’s a truly ethical choice. Look, we won’t and don’t expect every meat eater to quit eating meat but wearing vegan leather rather than cow leather? There’s no good argument against it. Avoiding cruelty, doing better for people and the environment are simply the ethical choice.
  9. It’s not much different from cow leather. Yes, vegan leather tends to last and wear like cow leather. In fact, some industry experts say that when they look at top quality pieces – it’s impossible to tell them apart.
  10. It’s becoming ever more affordable. A few years ago, vegan leather was new and new means expensive. But thanks to huge consumer interest, vegan leather is now very much as affordable as cow leather and we’d expect it to keep getting cheaper too.

Final Thoughts On Switching to Vegan Leather

So, there you have it 10 good reasons to switch to vegan leather and there are probably many more we haven’t thought of yet.

If you’ve enjoyed this, why not check out our guide to vegan leather or some of our favorite vegan leather brands? We think you’ll enjoy them too. 

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