Recycled Lego is Here!

We loved playing with Lego when we were kids and our children love playing with it too.

Know what we don’t love?

Lego isn’t made from recycled plastic. Well, until now, that is.

What We Love About Recycled Lego

The Lego Group made an official announcement in June, 2021 that they had finally cracked the process that would allow them to make Lego bricks from recycled plastics.


This means that they are now much closer to using sustainable materials throughout the range of Lego products and toys.

It’s no small feat, either. It took more than 150 scientists and 3 years to crack the formulation because it can’t just be recycled – it also has to be safe and strong for our children to play with. 

Final Thoughts On Recycled Lego

The bad news, of course, is that, for now, at least, recycled Lego is a concept not a reality and while we’re happy to hear they’re making progress – we want to see real changes in their products sooner rather than later.

Then our children’s children will be able to enjoy Lego even more than we did when we were young. 

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