Remembering Wildlife Is A Hopeful Document of Loss

Almost everyone wants to save the world if they can. Margot Raggett is trying to save the world but at the same time, she’s documenting everything that we stand to lose. That’s the principle of Remembering Wildlife

Remembering Wildlife is a charity book series that includes Remembering Elephants, Remembering RhinosRemembering Great ApesRemembering Lions and Remembering Cheetahs.

Our mission is to create the most beautiful books on a species ever made and then, sell those books to raise awareness of the plight facing that species and funds to protect it. Our work is made possible by the generous donation of images by many of the world’s best wildlife photographers including Steve Winter, Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Brent Stirton, Tim Laman and Jonathan & Angela Scott. 

Remembering Wildlife

Remembering Wildlife: Photographing The Best Of The Animal Kingdom

Margot is out taking photographs of the greatest living species on the planet and then making those photos into books. 

She began with elephants in Kenya. Then she went with rhinoceroses, apes, lions and most recently, cheetahs.

Each book is a stunning collection of the creatures that may soon disappear forever thanks to mankind’s destruction of the environment. 

But, of course, this is more than just a photography project, otherwise it seems unlikely that Dr. Jane Goodall, herself, would have written the introduction to one of these books. 

Raising Money For Conservation


Margot’s books raise money for conservation and it’s no small achievement either. Her series has now raised over $1 million to fund initiatives dedicated to preserving those creatures that might otherwise be lost to us forever. 

Some of those projects have included supporting the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia which encourages people to work with cheetahs to protect livestock , and the N/a’an ky Se Foundation also in Namibia to educate farmers about the cheetah and other natural carnivores to ensure they won’t hunt them.

And there have been many, many more

Margot Raggett is committed to making a difference through photography.