In Mount Juliet, Tennessee, there is a magical place called Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary where sweet dogs – 10 or more years old – mellow out in their old age. They roam the house and property, play fetch, bask in the outdoor sun, and cuddle up for naps. They are never alone.

Founded by Michael and Zina Goodin in 2012, the Sanctuary is a special place. Many of the old dogs have health problems and disabilities “face a much greater chance of euthanasia at shelters than younger dogs.”

What a wonderful place!

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Fresh straw makes everyone happy



It’s the handsome giant, Ranger



Everyone has a little snow on their nose today.



Goodnight from the cozy Ms. Gertrudedog2

Interested in helping? You can donate directly or make a purchase from the 3rd annual Dog Art for Old Friends.