Reusable Bamboo Kitchen Towels Clean Up, Eco-Friendly Style

You won’t be surprised to learn that this product is ecologically friendly. These reusable bamboo kitchen towels are a great product that can save you a ton of money at home and do a little good for the environment.

bamboo kitchen towels

Paper waste is more environmentally friendly than plastic waste. But it’s not without its toll on our planet.

The pulp mills use a ton of electricity, they go through more water than any other industry and they use chemicals to bleach and color paper.

Wouldn’t it be better to avoid this if we can?

Human Health At Risk By Paper Industry

The paper industry doesn’t just put the environment at risk. It also puts human health at risk. That’s a more serious immediate consequence of buying unnecessary paper.

This risk is well-explained here:

So, can we agree that if it’s possible to cut down on paper, we should do so?

Particularly, if it’s going to save us a bundle of cash?

Then it should be a no-brainer.

Bamboo Kitchen Towels, Really?

reusable kitchen tools made of bamboo

Bamboo is a plant. It grows quickly and is easy to farm sustainably. Pandas eat it too and everyone loves pandas.

It also has fibers that are very much like tree fibers but they are much, much tougher. That means we can make products out of bamboo that perform very similarly to paper products but which last much longer than paper products.

These bamboo kitchen paper towels are fully absorbent and can be washed hung out to dry and reused over and over again. Yes, they cost more than a couple of rolls of kitchen roll but… they last for 6 months!

In 6 months you’d spend a fortune on paper towels. Now you don’t have to.

You can buy your bamboo kitchen towels online.

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