rollë Reusable Cutlery Roll Gets Rave Reviews

What do you get when you bring two Moms together and one is a whiz at sewing and design and the other is a whiz at e-commerce? The answer is… rollë.

eco cutlery roll

rollë makes stylish, reusable tableware and cutlery “rolls” for the Instagram Age. Their slogan is “Be glam & give a damn!”

rollë’s elegant and functional design is the perfect everyday alternative to plastic cutlery. (Think work lunches, school and hospital cafeterias, food courts, etc.)

The rollë is also perfect for glamping, glampacking and digital nomading.

rolle cutlery roll

There’s no denying that it’s currently hip to be green. rollë was designed for those who want to support eco-friendly products and look fabulous doing it!

rolle logo

rollë was founded by Judi Edmison and Tracy Goodson-Mackay – two friends and local Moms from Montreal, a city that is preparing for new laws banning all single-use plastic as of 2020. The timing was right for an eco-conscious product that looked great and reflected their customer’s personal style goals. They succeeded!

This dynamic duo are both Moms and are both concerned for their kid’s futures as well as the planet. rollë is their small way of making a contribution both locally and globally.

judi edmison from rolle

For Judi Edmison sewing has always been a passion. It’s something she does to relax while juggling a full-time job, raising two wonderful kids and keeping an equally busy husband on the straight and narrow.

Overwhelmed with the amount of leftover fabric from her many projects she thought to herself:

“I would love to create something useful and environmentally-friendly!” 

When she told her eco-guru friends about this they all mentioned the need for a reusable cutlery holder. And then, voila! The rollë design just popped into her head.

tracy goodson

Tracy Goodson-Mackay is the business savvy part of the team with multiple successful online businesses – check out

I knew I could help Judi take her eco-friendly product to the next level.
Moreover, this was an opportunity to get behind something that reduces plastic waste. I wanted in! So I offered-up my experience, some capital and a whole lot of passion! Ends up, she had me at “Hello!

Every rollë is made using only natural cotton fabrics & thread. Whenever possible, they use ethical, re-purposed fabric that has been recovered or reclaimed.

What Are rollë Customers Saying?

rollë is available in more than 30 cool & classic designs: We want all of them!


Find out more on their website: or shoot them an email at info @ rollego dot com.

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