The RV & Camper Van Revolution Begins in 2022

If you follow Whole People you know we’re big fans of outdoor life. This year, thanks, in part, to the coronavirus, millions of Americans started heading outdoors more often too.

The Rise Of The RV

There is no better way to see the world than in an RV or a camper van.

And rentals of RVs and camper vans increased by an incredible 4,500% last year.

The Opportunity

It seems unlikely that in the “new normal” we’re all going to be jumping back on planes and heading off into the rest of the world any time soon.

That means that Americans are going to take more and more holidays at home.

And that makes for an opportunity for you – to get into RV rental

Vacations And Cash! 

Yes, in 2021 the easiest business opportunity seems to be to invest in an RV, camper van or teardrop trailer for your own vacations and rent it out when it’s not in use? Rent it out using Outdoorsy or a similar service. 

In the long run, this will mean you get paid to take vacations! Nice, right? 

Thinking of getting involved? Then you should check out our guide to RV rentals and a beginner’s guide to RV life.

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