A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There

A Sand County Almanac is one of the most influential books in land management and it nearly single-handedly launched a revolution in the field. 

It also, without really knowing it, touches on Gaia Theory and how the entire ecosystem can be influenced by that within the system and vice-versa. 

Why We Love A Sand County Almanac

This is a collection of informal essays by Aldo Leopold which were written over a period of around 40 years as he traveled through Canadian and American wetlands. 

A Sand County Almanac

It is one of the most beautiful works describing the natural world that we’ve ever had the good fortune to read, it’s truly captivating. 

In addition, he neatly breaks down the key issues in conservation management, including their philosophical roots and makes them accessible to every reader. 

Final Thoughts On A Sand County Almanac

There’s a good reason this book has sold over 2 million copies! It’s because it’s quite brilliant, we think every bookshelf would be better with a copy on it. 

If you’re looking for other influential texts that touch on Gaia Theory then you might also appreciate From Eros to Gaia, Healing Gaia and Earthdance.

You can grab a copy online here.