44 Scientists On Gaia Hypothesis Embrace Humanity

Gaia. It’s the idea that the living organisms of the world are able to play a part in shaping both the physical and chemical environment in which they exist and, perhaps, vice-versa.

The idea was first put forward by Lovelock and Margulis in the 1970s and in Scientists on Gaia Stephen H Schneider and Penelope J Boston explore this idea through the collected works of forty four scientists. 

Why We Love Scientists on Gaia

It’s wonderful to find a body of work like this from Schneider and Boston that encapsulates so many different views.

After all, most books provide a single idea directed by an author, here we find many world class scientists demonstrating the reality of the Gaia hypothesis and explaining, meaningfully, how it affects all of our lives. 

Last Word

This is a must read book on the Gaia hypothesis and it’s a relatively affordable text in this area of research too.  

You can grab a copy online here.

If you’re looking for other interesting viewpoints on Gaia may we recommend Healing Gaia, Homage to Gaia and Symbiotic Planet? We think you’ll like them too. 

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