How To Sell Used Furniture Online & Locally

You might be sitting on a gold mine, literally.

Well, perhaps not a gold mine, but certainly you can sell your old chairs and other furniture and turn them into cash.

If you’re not sure where to do this, you’re in the right place as our guide will walk you through the options to sell online and locally. 

Check it out!

The Best Places To Turn Furniture Into Cash

  • 1stDibs – if any of your furniture is antique 1stdibs is great at connecting you with collectors who will pay the market value for it, listings are free but commission can run to 15%
  • Apt Deco – if you live in New York, Philadelphia, D.C. or Boston then Apt Deco is a super way to sell your furniture locally, watch out for commission though as it can be as much as 29%!
  • Bonanza – if you’re looking for a cost-effective eBay alternative to sell your furniture on then Bonanza is the place for you. 
  • Chairish –  a great place to shift high-end valuable pieces is Chairish and their commissions are reasonable too and can be as little as 3%
  • Consignment Stores – you’ll need to Google for a consignment store local to you and this is probably your best way of selling furniture locally, you give them the item for x weeks and if it sells, they take a commission and pass on the rest. If it doesn’t sell, you get the item back. 
  • Craigslist – you need to be a little careful doing business via Craigslist as there are some disreputable sorts using the site but assuming you apply some common sense, it’s a great place to sell your furniture for no costs to you. 
  • Facebook Marketplace – another place that requires a little caution as a seller but Facebook Marketplace reaches a lot of people for very little cost. 
  • Letgo – this Craigslist clone is also free to use and requires similar levels of caution as a seller.
  • OfferUp – OfferUp allows you to list items for free, pay to promote them and conduct negotiations with buyers online and allows for both local and long-distance sales.
  • Sotheby’s Home – if your pieces are super valuable, you might want to auction them with Sotheby’s Home, be warned though, their commissions are huge if you don’t have a lot of items to sell. 
  • Trove – the big advantage of using Trove is that it allows you to take credit card payments and they have a low commission free of just 10%

Should You Sell Online Or Locally?

It’s easiest to sell furniture locally because transporting large items can be a bit of a pain and you might want to search for “places to sell furniture near me” for local stores, etc. that can help.

sell used furniture online

But getting online means you grow your market exponentially and you can get much faster results this way. 

Our strategy would probably include a combination of both depending on the value of the item and how much we needed the money from its sale. 

Can You Get Rid Of All Your Furniture At Once?

You can and the easiest way is to hold a garage or estate sale but it’s worth noting – you may not get premium prices for your stuff this way.

Showroom buyers and junk haulers are other options for the rapid disposal of a lot of furniture and don’t be afraid to negotiate with them. 

How Do I Protect Myself When Selling Furniture?

If you are selling via a marketplace that doesn’t accept payment by card on your behalf, you want to ensure that your sellers always pay you in cash. 


No cash, no sale – most fraud happens with checks and bank transfers.

And as you will have to meet prospective buyers, always do so in public and ideally if that’s not practical, have other people around to keep an eye on things. 

What Is The Most Popular Furniture Online?

Some furniture sells faster than other pieces and typically this includes couches, tables, TV stands, drawers, beds, tables, chairs and coat racks.

So, if you need money fast, you might want to try and get rid of these items first.  

Final Thoughts On Selling Used Furniture Online & Locally

Selling your furniture online is an easy process with these sites and selling it locally is pretty straightforward too.

Once you’ve sold your furniture you might want to replace it with some eco-friendly furniture.

And if you’ve got any money left over, why not learn some thrift shopping tricks and then hit the best online thrift stores to treat yourself?

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