The Shock of the Anthropocene: The Earth, History and Us 

The term “anthropocene” refers to the age of man. It is the latest geological era and it is one in which we find the planet in crisis. 

In just two centuries, mankind has made an indelible mark on the planet and every species on it but how did this happen? And what do we do now?

Christopher Bonneuil’s book is a breath of fresh air. Instead of taking the idea that a “human species” has ruined everything, he examines a completely different idea.

He shows how the many have been led by the few into disaster, and that “environmental awareness” won’t be enough to get us out of this.

The Shock of the Anthropocene

Why We Love The Shock of the Anthropocene

He then goes on to deconstruct the process of th industrialization of the Earth, the way that both consumerism and its companion, ignorance, have been manufactured. 

And how the military and political leaderships of the globe are complicit in this. This is where science meets history and it’s a stunnning conclusion.

Final Thoughts On The Shock of the Anthropocene:

Be prepared to be shocked but The Shock of the Anthropocene isn’t without hope, instead, it challenges us to think differently before it’s too late and to make our efforts to save the planet matter more than they do now. 

You can grab a copy online here.

If you’re looking for other perspectives on our impact on the environment you might appreciate The Gaia Atlas of Planetary Management, Gaia’s Body and The Molecular Biology of Gaia.