Skincare Bible Review Has You Covered

If you’ve ever wondered how to take care of the largest organ in your body (that’s right, it’s your skin) then Dr Anjali Mahto has you covered, no pun intended, with the Skincare Bible.

As a consulting dermatologist who has worked for the British National Health Service and in private practice, she really knows her stuff.

Resolving Skincare Confusion

the skincare bible

The objective behind this book is simple.

Dr. Mahot wants to clear up all the confusing advice out there regarding skin care and make it easy and straightforward for you to look amazing without wasting your effort on things that don’t work.

Dr Mahto shows us that Chia seeds have absolutely no impact on giving your skin a healthy glow and points out that you won’t reduce acne scarring by splashing with lilac water, either.

The Skincare Bible Is Clear and Concise

She’s also not touting for “big beauty” and is happy to explain that you really don’t need to spend top dollar to develop a high-quality skin care regime which leaves you feeling amazing without breaking the bank.

If you want to tackle acne, aging, dryness or another skin complaint then she spells out everything you’d want to know in order to tackle the problem too.

We really liked the tone of this guide and felt that it lived up to its “no-nonsense” claim.

There’s a lot here but it’s never overwhelming or unhelpful. This should be a must have on everyone’s bookshelf.

You can find a copy online here.