Skoolie! Will School You On Van Transformation

Skoolie! By Will Sutherland is a guide to turning a school bus into your home away from home or even, into your permanent home.

You may have been considering an RV for this purpose but as he notes, a bus is easier and safer to drive than an RV and they’re constructed in a way that really makes it easy to convert them into living space.

skoolie! book review


Skoolie! Is the guide to a full conversion project and it breaks down every part of the journey from selecting a bus to removing the seats to working out the interior layout and much more.

Will’s work has been featured in many magazines including the world-famous Popular Mechanics and it’s very clear from the start that he’s offering advice that will work.

The Recognition Of Budget Constraints

This isn’t the only book on the market to discuss converting a bus into somewhere to live or to roam in but it is the only book that doesn’t treat you like you’re made of money.

skoolie campervan transform

Whereas the average budget for a conversion in other books is up to $50,000!

Will looks at how you can scrounge materials or find them for a low cost to build your dream on a budget.

Finally, it’s a really beautiful book.

There’s a real coffee table appeal to it and even if you don’t get around to converting a bus in the near future, you’ll be glad to have it around your home.

You can find Skoolie!: How to Convert a School Bus or Van into a Tiny Home or Recreational Vehicle on Amazon.

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