A Small Farm Future Is A Regenerative Call-To-Arms

We love the idea of living a sustainable, self-reliant life.

In fact we regularly feature articles on natural living featuring everything from apartment farming to market gardens

However, Chris Smaje takes this idea a step forward in A Small Farm Future.

Small farm future by Chris Smaje

A New Argument

In the book Chris outlines a simple case – not only can small farms feed the world, in a way that big agribusiness does not, but it may be that only small farms can succeed in this endeavor. It’s the ultimate form of sustainable agriculture.

Yes, this is a call to arms (or ploughshares) designed to get us all rethinking our relationship with the world and each other.

The Crux Of Things

Chris demonstrates that agribusiness has drained our natural resources with unsustainable, low-labour “easy growth” and that the solution to this is highly labor intensive but ecologically regenerative farming.

The kind of farming that each of us can get involved with and better still, Chris shows us how to build this future. Of course, if you’re not ready to run a farm why not think about homesteading instead?

A Small Farm Future may be the most important book that we’ve read recently, we recommend that you read it too.

You can grab a copy online here.

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