Solar & 12 Volt Power For Beginners

One of the easiest ways to save money and contribute to the future of the planet is to start using more solar energy.

You don’t need to panel up your home or start your own solar farm to do this and, in fact, you can learn to run many different devices simply and easily.

That’s the core message of George Eccleston’s Solar & 12 Volt Power For Beginners.

Solar & 12 Volt Power For Beginners Book Cover

The Right Level

We admit that we’re total noobs to the idea of installing our own solar power and thus, we were a bit nervous that we’d be lost in deep technology in this book but that’s not the case at all.

Eccleston rightly assumes that his audience will know some of the benefits of solar power but may not be versed in any practical applications.

Thus, he pitches each project such as providing power in your mobile home or on your boat with succinct, direct instructions backed with excellent diagrams and photographs that instantly make you feel that you can do this and that your project will be a success.

Easy To Get Started

At no point did we find ourselves bogged down in jargon or feeling like we’d been left behind by smarter kids than us.

In fact, if you’re not running your laptop off of solar within a week of reading this book, shame on you!

You can find Solar & 12 Volt Power For Beginners: Off Grid Power For Everyone online here.

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