Sozy Is A Cozy And Sustainable Fashion Essential

Sozy is a brand that every woman ought to have in her wardrobe.  They’re one of the pioneers of sustainable fashion in the USA and their clothes are awesome. 

Here’s what we think you need to know.

Why We Love Sozy

Sustainable fashion is very important to us and Sozy recently topped our list of the best sustainable fashion brands

They make their own sustainable fabrics and all manufacturing and design is done in the USA which means that they’re also keeping transport miles to a minimum. 

sozy brooklyn crop tank

Better still Sozy donates 10% of its profits to organizations to support survivors of sexual violence.

That means every time you buy from Sozy, you’re doing someone a real solid too. 

Our Favorite Sozy Products

There’s a lot to love about the Sozy range and, of course, it’s always changing but our current favorites include this lovely Kailani Dress which may be snug at the waist but is free flowing everywhere else. 

sozy emie top

This Jessie Short is ideal for a casual day or a walk in the park, it’s light and cool while still looking fabulous!

And the Emie Top is a classic top suitable for nearly every occasion and it looks so good on that we just don’t want to take it off!

Final Thoughts On Sozy

Sozy’s fashion range is amazing and every piece is affordable and attractive.

Their commitment to sustainability is admirable and their work with women is essential. 

Everyone should support Sozy by finding them a place in their wardrobe. 

Sustainable fashion is awesome and if you’ve enjoyed this article, you may also want to check out ou favorite sustainable swimwear brands too!

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