Vegan Fashion Designer Stella McCartney Wows

Stella McCartney is the daughter of the famous Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles but in 2020, her own fame is growing and without his help.

Her eponymous fashion brand launched in Paris in 2001 and has gone from strength-to-strength ever since.


Her Lifestyle Leads The Brand

She is a lifelong vegetarian and she wanted her products to reflect her values and as such, Stella McCartney the clothes label uses no leather and no fur in any of their designs.

The brand has 51 stores across the world and its collections can be found in any of 77 countries and they ship to over 100 countries via their web portal.

Stella’s strong blog and irreverent styles caught the eyes of the management of the British Olympic team which appointed her their Creative Director for the summer Olympics back in 2016.

stella mccartney shoes
Stella McCartney Vegan Shoes

Measuring Success

Throughout everything she does from fashion to perfume, Stella has remained committed to her values and she says that there is now a clear and demonstrable commitment to sustainabil8ity in everything that they do and produce.

One thing that we admire about Stella McCartney is that they’ve gone beyond just making a commitment to sustainability.

Stella McCartney

They have introduced an “Environmental Profit & Loss” statement that allows them to measure the impact of every action on the environment and in such a way that it delivers more data than traditional environmental reports.

A Taste Of Stella

Stella McCartney is a big brand and we couldn’t possibly do justice to her empire within a short article, but we really recommend checking out Stella Essentials.

These are simple but elegant casual clothes designed to be easily accessorized to deliver a timeless look that’s still on the cutting edge of fashion.

There’s something for every woman in this smart, sustainable collection.

We’re big fans of Stella and we’ve featured her in both our Vegan Shoes Guide and our guide to the very best vegan handbags here.

PRO TIP: You can find many Stella McCartney designs available at online thrift stores. Don’t miss our Guide to Best Thrift Stores.

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