Strongest Is Our Favorite Body & Mind Building Journal

We touch on diet a lot here on Whole People because we believe that plant-based lifestyles are the healthiest lifestyles.

But you can’t be at your best unless you combine that plant-based diet with a strong mind an body. That’s where Strongest comes in!

About Strongest


Strongest is all about strength training because it’s the healthiest form of exercise and is directly linked to human longevity and optimal health in your old age. 

And yes, they support plant-based eating and living in their pages, which means that you don’t need to compromise your principles to get to the ideal body type. 

Why We Love Strongest

Strongest offers practical guides to getting stronger such as their guides to bulking and basic strength training

It also touches on nutrition such as these vegan meal replacements as well as the best pre-workout supplements. 

And most of all, it recognizes that becoming stronger is as much a mental game as a physical one and offers inspiration in the form of both mental toughness training and vegan bodybuilders on Instagram to motivate you. 

Strongest is becoming one of the best resources on the internet for strength training and we’re super excited that they’re also accommodating the plant-based lifestyle with that.

If you want to feel healthy, then you need to exercise and Strongest may be the perfect companion for your exercise routine.