Sustainable Education Resources Online [Free And Low Cost ]

Nearly all Americans agree that sustainability is vital for our future and that they would like to become more sustainable in their own lives. Yet, many of us struggle to properly understand what sustainability really means.

The good news is that there are plenty of free and low cost resources that can provide a solid sustainable education and we’ve rounded up some of the best for you. 

8 Free And Low Cost Sustainability Courses Online

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You’d be amazed at the wealth of free and low-cost courses online for this subject area.

All of the courses listed here are free to sign up for and if you want the formal certificate, you might need to pay a nominal fee to get it. 

Some Free And Low Cost Sustainability Education Resources For Kids

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Of course, if you have kids and you’re looking to get some useful resources to help them better understand sustainability, you probably don’t want to get them started on university courses like those above.

But there are some great resources which are open to kids too:

Some Free Resources On Sustainability Here On Whole People

Of course, we’ve got a bunch of excellent free resources for helping your sustainability education here on Whole People too.

These aren’t a substitute for the resources above, of course, but they’re pretty good for a quick 5-10 minute fix of sustainability education, if we do say so ourselves. 

Here are four examples and you can find more by using the site’s search function:

14 Sustainable Thrift Shopping Tips & Tricks

A Guide to Sustainable Fabrics

Sustainable Clothing Brands

We’re expecting the number of free resources to grow exponentially in the future too as more and more Americans, and people all over the world, opt for a more sustainable life.