Awesome Sustainable Fashion Events For 2022

If you care about the future of the world, then you need to look at the clothes you wear and examine their impact on the environment. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet and we must tackle that as a community or risk global destruction through climate change.

If you’re interested in having an impact on the global approach to fashion, then you’re going to want to attend one or more of these events where you can learn from brands, designers, and experts about how business can and should be different.

Sustainability Live! London, UK, Feb 23-24, 2022

This is a 2-day event and don’t worry, you won’t have to travel to London to attend – they’re offering a completely virtual experience which is available online for the whole of the two-day event. Though if you can make it to Tobacco Dock, we imagine that there will be a real buzz to the proceedings in person.

There will be over 60 leading industry experts available to talk about the fashion industry and other industries and the focus will be on sustainable innovations and promoting sustainability and environmental awareness.

There will be a big focus on supply chain experts which is where nearly all industries find themselves struggling when it comes to developing social responsibility and ethical standards.

Given the number of thought leaders, decision-makers and high-quality sponsors they have for this event, we think it’s likely to be one of the best events of the year. Find out about the future of sustainable fashion!

Check it out here.

International Conference On Fashion And Sustainability (ICFS), New York, April 22-23, 2022

With a complete focus on the fashion industry and the sustainable fashion movement, this ought to be the first one of our upcoming events that is a must-attend for those looking to take part in the fashion revolution.

This event focuses on the social and environmental effects of fashion habits and garment factories and it will be more than just a lecture on responsible practices, there will be a wealth of scientists and educators on hand to talk about innovation and collaboration on the cutting edge of the market.

If you want to present a paper, they’re still soliciting speakers. And if you want to attend this is the place to be when it comes to the importance of the relationship between garments and the environment.

Check it out here.

The Sustainable Fashion Forum, TBA, April 23-24, 2022

This year, their intention for the Sustainable Fashion Forum (SFF) is for ideas and challenges to be confronted in person, however, we will note that they still haven’t confirmed a venue and we’re getting close to the point where those involved must get that information out or risk people not being able to attend.

They will be working on a range of themes and their first showcase will be on “forging new paths” which is a look at how business must reshape itself in a post-pandemic world.

They will also be touching on innovators and how technology can drive global textiles into a sustainable holding pattern? They will also visit the idea of how BIPOC inputs and knowledge can help amplify the sustainable solutions being proposed in communities and how consumers might better listen to their voices?

Check it out here.

Traceability & Sustainability Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, July 27-28, 2022

This year’s conference will be led by sustainable fashion industry giants, American Eagle Outfitters. These industry leaders are all about bringing professionals from fashion brands and sustainable fashion retail together to try and develop solutions for clothes manufacturers and the textile industry that are sustainable.

Of course, in addition to soliciting new fashion habits and positive change, they’ll be offering plenty of top-quality talks from the movers and shakers of the industry.

There will be a big focus on networking here and we believe that if you work in the industry, this is going to be one of the most impactful events of the year for you.

Check it out here.

Sustainable Fashion Week, TBA, TBC, 2022

We don’t have a lot to go on when it comes to Sustainable Fashion Week for 2022, just yet, but that’s OK there’s plenty of time – they ran the event in the fall of 2021, last time around.

Rick Davy and Bridgett Artise are the brains behind this event and Rick was in charge of Fashion Week Brooklyn for more than 14 years and he has a huge amount of experience in supply chain entrepreneurship too.

Bridgett is an upcycled fashion pioneer and to her sustainability means that we are all responsible for our contributions to climate change and she has run her brand on a 100% eco-friendly basis since day one!

Together they should be a formidable team as they deliver this year’s Sustainable Fashion Week Events.

Check it out here.

Vegan Fashion Week, TBA, TBC, 2022

Vegan Fashion Week will be coming but we can’t predict where or when it will arrive. They’ve used various locations around the globe with a strong connection to the fashion world in the past and where’s next is anybody’s guess

Of course, technically speaking, not all vegan fashion is good for the planet. For example, PVC leather is a bit of an environmental monster but by and large, the clothing and fabric choices made by vegans tend to be better for the future of the world than those made by other community groups.

We know that there have been huge advances in vegan fabrics over the last year and it will be awesome to see what apparel and accessories designers have created from them at this event. Don’t miss it.

Check it out here.

Final Thoughts On The Sustainable Fashion Industry

We’ve tried to find the biggest and best events for our list but, of course, more will likely be announced and we may even have missed some.

So, why not let us know if we have or if you’re going to be attending any of these events in the comments? Have a great sustainable year!

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