The Sustainable Fashion Handbook

It can be challenging to make all the good choices about what you wear.

In many other industries, sustainability has become an essential part of the supply chain process and you can tell what’s going on at a glance.

Fashion remains decidedly opaque.

Fashion Icons Talk Sustainability

That is until The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black came along.

The Sustainable Fashion Handbook

This allowed some of the biggest names in fashion such as Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney to come forward en masse.

This kick-started a discussion about what sustainability is and how it can be properly incorporated into the fashion world without destroying consumer value and choice.

One thing that we absolutely loved about Sandy Black’s book is the diagrams of the lifecycles of certain products.

This allows you to gauge the impact you’re having on the planet with your fashion choices easily and succinctly.

The Sustainable Fashion Handbook Is An Easy Read

We also like the fact that this is not one giant thesis which you have to work hard to get through.

It’s designed so that you can dip into it when you want to understand something better and then put it down again afterwards but it can also be read in one sitting if you want.

the sustainable fashion handbook review

It’s not the cheapest of texts and the second-hand prices will certainly raise a few eyebrows but it is packed to the gills with useful information and it will lead to a greener way of life if you’re keen to put its recommendations into practice.

A whole generation of sustainable fashion bloggers has Sandy Black’s Sustainable Fashion Handbook to thank for blazing trails.

That alone justifies the price tag to us.

You can find The Sustainable Fashion Handbook online here.

PRO TIP: A quick win when it comes to sustainable fashion is to shop exclusively at thrift shops online.