Our 10 Fave Sustainable Fashion Influencers

Fashion is a wonderful thing but a horror story for the planet. Nearly 80% of everything that the fashion industry creates will end up in a landfill. And producing that material creates endless carbon emissions and water pollution.

We can change the way we approach fashion to end this cycle. Switch to sustainable clothing!

You can still look great too, just check out these awesome sustainable fashion influencers and what they have to say for proof.

(Sustainably Kind Living)

Daniele’s journey into sustainable living began in Italy. 

She’d been traveling for a vacation when she met and fell in love with a village boy and they opted to stay in the village.

Soon she was learning to wash and dry clothes, mend them, shop on a super tight budget and then she discovered the sustainable movement and began to share what she’d learned.

It’s awesome!

Aditi Mayer

Aditi wears a lot of different (and sustainable) hats. 

She’s an influencer, a blogger, a model, a speaker, a photojournalist and a labor rights activist!

Honestly? We wonder where she gets her energy from, we want some of that!

She’ll inspire you with tales of how to live and lead a more ethical life that still produces the looks that you want. 

Ethically Kate

Kate’s a Kiwi and she’s famous in her home country of New Zealand as one of the most relaxed and approachable influencers there is. 

She knows how to make changes in your life that make you feel good and thus, make you want to keep on changing.

Her stream is not about judgement, it’s about happiness and we think you’re going to love it. 


Jhanneu’s based in LA and she’s all about ensuring that zero waste life and sustainable fashion are accessible to everyone, no matter their socio-economic status.

We think that her feed is the perfect place for someone just starting out in the sustainable lifestyle, everything is so easy to follow and fun to carry out. 

Holly (Rose Eco)

Holly’s Canadian but she’s based in Paris and when she’s not drumming up support for sustainable fashion, she’s drumming up support for local farms!

She thinks that regenerative fashion’s where it’s at and that your textiles shouldn’t just avoid harming the Earth, they ought to repair it too. 

We find Holly endlessly fascinating and we’re sure you will too. 

Sustainably Chic

Florida’s Sustainably Chic is a brilliant place to pick up your sustainable fashion and clean beauty living tips.  (We’ve got some amazing clean beauty influencers for you to check out too).

We can recommend the blog as well as the Instagram channel as between them, they’re absolutely brilliant. 

Corina (Kissen Und Karma)

There aren’t that many German speaking sustainable fashion influencers, as yet, but Corina is absolutely fabulous.

She began her journey into sustainable fashion by learning about the disaster in Bangladesh which killed hundreds of textile workers and brought home how unethical fashion practice is today. 

Tyler Chanel
(Thrifts and Tangles)

Tyler’s wonderful crazy hair leads her to blog about all things sustainable fashion and all things hair related too. 

She’s one of the hardest working influencers out there and she also runs a blog, a podcast and more and she knows just what it takes to run a business as a BIPOC entrepreneur too. 

The Simply Liv

Liv (Olivia) is all about living a simple life and that leads to sustainability. 

Her minimal capsule wardrobe is one of our biggest inspirations in life and she’s fantastic for sources of ethical brands and ethical bloggers, designers, and more. 

She even has a separate feed for moms that love slow fashion!

(The Honest Consumer)

Emily started in slow fashion when she began college and has been promoting sustainable fashion ever since. 

She runs her own t-shirt printing shop which funds a social enterprise partner in Haiti, so, she practices what she preaches too!