10 Sustainable Fashion Instagram Accounts To Follow Today

We don’t all have time to read books or the inclination but we can all get help and inspiration in our quest to be more sustainable.

We find Instagram is a great place to get that support thanks to the best sustainable fashion accounts – they’re easy to digest and you can fit a quick scroll into even the busiest of days.

Here are some of the best Instagram sustainable fashion accounts to get you started.

Aja Barber

Aja is the real deal. She’s a stylist, activist, consultant and avid writer that focuses on sustainable fashion as well as intersectional feminism and race. 

Underneath all of this is a keen desire to understand who is making your clothes and that they are being treated well. 

She’s very funny and her website is full of cool additional material that you won’t get on Instagram.

 Aja Barber

Ava Fernanda Covarrubias (The Second Runway)

Ava is a Mexican Fashion Designer whose success has led to a launch of her brand in Australia and everything she does is sustainable and ethical. 

One of the nicest things about her is  that she began the Second Start Program which enables refugees to access training in upcycling and styling second hand clothing and they get to keep the clothing too!

Ava Fernanda Covarrubias

Deb (Clothed In Abundance)

Deb began Clothed In Abundance after the Lord spoke to her about her frivolous fashion ways and she realized it was time to get minimal and cut the waste from her life.

She focuses very much on the fine line between loving fashion and overconsumption and her tips on developing a capsule wardrobe are amazing!

We follow her “one piece in, one piece out” rule devoutly at home. 


Elizabeth Joy (Conscious Style)

This is an unusual influencer who has abandoned the self-love approach of influencing for an informative style instead.

There are no modelling posts here, just useful actionable tips to leading a better more sustainable life in fashion. 

Elizabeth Joy

Nathalie (Styled Under 25)

Nathalie’s come a long way from the Ivory Coast where she was born and now lives full-time in the United States.

She’s all about combining fashion with thrifting and her content is truly spiritually uplifting, possibly because she’s living with Lupus and knows what she has to be grateful for.
Don’t miss it. 


Marielle Elizabeth

Looking for sustainable fashion that rattles the bandwagon of all-size-inclusivity? Then Marielle’s the influencer for you.

She’s all about the plus-size herself and wants to show you can still cut down on consumption and ensure that your fashion is ethical. 

Marielle Elizabeth

Lauren Singer (Trash Is For Tossers)

The best branding in sustainable fashion is Lauren Singer’s Trash for Tossers and she’s a huge fan of the zero waste lifestyle.

She wants to share her tips for combining fashion and sustainability and we think that they’re worth listening to. 

Lauren Singer

Heidi Kaluza (The Rogue Essentials)

Heidi’s a relatively new name to the influencer scene but boy is her work amazing! 

Here’s an influencer that never shies away from asking the hard questions about fashion so that you don’t have to.

Follow Heidi’s lead and explore the world of sustainable fashion in a viscerally thrilling manner!

Heidi Kaluza

Imogen Lucas/Immy (Sustainably Vegan)

Immy, when she’s not running Sustainably Vegan, is also the founder of the Low Impact Movement which is meant to help others learn how to live in zero waste harmony with the planet. 

Everything she does is about sustainable and ethical living and there’s nothing you can’t learn from Immy’s feed. 


Margot Guilbert (Bloomers.Eco)

Margot’s French and most of her content is aimed at French speaking followers though some it is also in English.

However, you don’t need to speak French to gain inspiration from her eco-friendly outfits that adorn her Instagram channel, do you? 

Margot Guilbert

Final Thoughts On Sustainable Fashion Instagram Accounts

So, there you have it, the best sustainable fashion Instagram accounts out there and each of them is different enough from the rest to add real value to your life. 

Why not start following some of them today? 

Looking for other sources of inspiration in your ethical and eco-friendly life?

Then check out these awesome sustainability bloggers, these fashion bloggers and our favorite clean beauty influencers too!

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