7 Sustainable Fashion YouTubers You Need To Watch!

Fashion is the second most polluting industry on Earth, it’s an environmental nightmare.

These awesome YouTubers want to change that and ensure that the future is a better place to be with sustainable fashion taking priority in all our wardrobes. 


Cynthia Dam is inspiroue and she’s a Canadian YouTuber who has built a huge following as a sustainable fashion advocate and one thing you’re going to love about her is her ability to make sustainable fashion cute.

We like her emphasis on ethical fashion, something that comes up a lot in our favorite Ted Talks on Sustainable fashion too, as it’s, sadly, still possible for an item of clothing to be sustainable and yet, totally unethical at the same time. 

Cynthia’s a great source of reviews of some of the strongest sustainable fashion brands too. 
Check them out here.

Jessica Harumi

Jessica combines slow fashion with lifestyle blogging to create something that’s truly her own and we love her minimal style and cool fashion tips. 

She’s awesome for helping you plan your approach to fashion and we think you’ll appreciate her updates on capsule wardrobe planning which show how to make this minimalist approach to fashion really work for you. 

Her guide to affordable fashion is really useful too and she often provides discount codes to her followers to ensure that “affordable” becomes “super affordable”!
Check them out here.

Kristen Leo

Based in Athens, Greece, Kristen Leo is one of our favorite sustainable fashion bloggers because she’s got an awesome sense of style and a huge sense of humor. 

We really like her emphasis on wearing vintage clothes. There’s nothing kinder to the planet than reusing something that already exists. 

And she’s not afraid to tackle serious subjects when the need arises, either. 
Check them out here.

Zoe Hong

Zoe’s on the industry inside track and thus, she teaches the whole sustainable fashion process from the design of garments all the way through to production. 

If you’re thinking of starting a fashion brand or really want to know how a brand becomes sustainable then Zoe’s the best possible guide for you. 

She’s also got an excellent sense of humor and tends to be very direct in her delivery which we really like.
Check them out here.

Aime Maggie

If you want some woke intersectionality with your sustainable fashion then Aime Maggie’s the vlogger for you.  There’s no fast fashion here.

She’ll show you how BLM and sustainable fashion can come together to create a better world and a better look, among other things.  She can also teach you all about the benefits of a capsule wardrobe!

She’s also great for tips on how to live a sustainable fashion lifestyle on a tight budget. 
Check them out here.

Gittemary Johansen

Gittemary dumped her old fast fashion and high waste lifestyle back in 2015 and has been living the sustainable fashion lifestyle ever since.

Her YouTube channel encompasses more than sustainable fashion, it also touches on zero waste, veganism and developing the right ethical values to live in harmony with the planet.

She’s our go to when we need advice on finding the best secondhand clothing. 
Check them out here.

Belinda Smetana

She may not have the biggest following but Belinda’s a consistent ray of hope in the sustainable fashion world. 

She’s not afraid to take a deep dive into an issue and then show you how to make the most of your fashion choices without causing any damage to the planet. 

We like that she’s a big advocate for slow fashion which we think is part of the future of sustainable fashion for the planet as a whole. 

She’s also recently had a baby and vlogs about the joys of being the “only black person in Prague” too. 
Check out their guide to sustainable fashion on a budget.