SylvanSport Makes Outdoor Adventure Accessible For All

We love SlyvanSport, they’re the people that make outdoor adventure accessible after all!

They initially started out with the intention of making an innovative pop-up camper (and we love pop-up campers) and they turned that idea into a bunch of award-winning camping products.

They say that wherever you want to go, whoever you want to go with, and what you want to take with you, they want to make it easy and fun to do so.


They describe themselves as a “seriously playful” company and their products reflect those values throughout the range.

SylvanSport was founded in 2004 for one reason: to make outdoor adventure accessible. What started as an idea to create an innovative pop-up camper has evolved into a line of award-winning adventure trailers, outdoor gear, and camping accessories.

The Sylvansport GO

sylvanSport GO

Their best-known product is the Sylvansport GO, in fact it’s so popular that we recently wrote a whole review of it. Read it here.

This is a camping trailer that can be easily set up into a full tent and then quickly put away and turned into an effective transport system.

The guys at SylvanSport say that you can get an ATV, motorbikes or up to 12 kayaks in a Slyvansport GO!

That’s quite an incredible achievement and the whole thing is just so young and hip that you can imagine the coolest kids in the world hanging out in one.

The Sylvansport GO EASY

They’ve also developed a specialist trailer just for kayaks, the GO EASY.

Sylvansport GO EASY

It also transports bikes, boats and more up to 525 lbs. of stuff, in fact.

It’s a really neat system that we really like and find very convenient to own and use.

The Slyvansport VAST

The GO’s big brother is the VAST and if you want a more solid “motorhome” feel to your camping adventures that’s what you get from the VAST.

It will sleep a family of four with no problems at all as well as accommodating a large 32” x 32” table and an L-shaped sofa!

Yes, it’s really a home away from home.

It also has a fully functional kitchen which incorporates a gas stove, a fridge/freezer set up, a sink, storage system and even a microwave!

You really can’t go wrong with the Slyvansport VAST if you’re seeking serious comfort in the great outdoors.

The Sylvan Sport Dine O Max

Speaking of kitchens, they also make a couple of camp kitchens the Dine O Mite (a small one) and a Dine O Max (the bigger of the two, as you’d expect).

This can turn any campsite into a gourmet kitchen in just a few minutes. For camping meal planning inspiration check out The Camper Van Cookbook.

The bamboo work surface is a joy to work on and is very environmentally friendly too.

Speaking Of Environmental Credentials

One thing we really admire about SylvansSport is their commitment to local sourcing of materials for their products.

This can make a huge difference to climate change by reducing carbon emissions and they source nearly 80% of everything they use within 70 miles of their manufacturing facilities! That rocks.

We think everyone should check out Sylvansport, they really bring something extra to the camping experience.

Of course, if you love to go camping, then you probably want a shower while you’re there, why not check out the best portable shower solutions before your next trip?

Check out SylvanSport here.

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