7 TED Talks About Minimalism To Maximize Your Inner Peace

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of possessions and materialism. Minimalism, the practice of living with less and focusing on what truly matters, has become a popular movement for those looking to declutter their lives and find inner peace.

We’ve curated our favorite TED Talks that explore minimalism and how it can help all of us to live a more fulfilling life.

From simplifying your possessions to finding contentment in the present moment, these talks offer valuable insights and practical tips for anyone looking to embrace minimalism and maximize their inner peace.

From Clutter To Clarity

ted talks about minimalism

Kerry Thomas, TEDxAshburn

Kerry Thomas studied at the University of Florida where she obtained a Master’s degree and then went on to state her own company, Conquer the Chaos.

Her approach to life is simple – she says that clutter and not just physical clutter but also mental, digital, spiritual or emotional clutter can easily overwhelm your life.

If you can clear the clutter, you can clear the blocks to living the life you want to lead.

Her Ted Talk “From Clutter To Clarity” explains how to do this.

The Magic Of Not Giving A F***

not giving one

Sarah Knight, TEDxCoconutGrove

As you might expect from the title, Sarah Knight doesn’t pull any punches on the strong language in this talk but if you can deal with that – she’s got a lot to say about minimalism.

Sarah’s focus in “The Magic of Not Giving A F***” is mental decluttering, how you can get rid of things that you shouldn’t care about and how you can improve your ability to care about the things you want to care about. 

The Art Of Letting Go

the minimalist

The Minimalists, TEDxFargo

Ryan Nicodemius and Joshua Fields Millburn are “The Minimalists” and together they reach over 4 million readers every week on the topic of uncluttering your life.

They spoke at TEDxFargo in 2016 about how your life can become more meaningful with much less in it and how to let go of your attachments to the less meaningful to make it happen. 

The Art of Letting Go” makes changing your life, in a positive fashion, very easy indeed. 

The 100 Things Challenge

dave bruno

Dave Bruno, TEDxClaremontColleges

If you want a very practical way to start your minimalist life – why not try Dave Bruno’s “The 100 Things Challenge?”

It’s a very simple idea but a hard one to carry out. 
You choose 100 things you own, no more (but less is fine) and then you endeavor to live a whole year using just those 100 things.

There’s no better introduction to the power of minimalism. 

Getting Rid Of 1,000 Things

liz wright

Liz Wright, TEDxBedford

If you want to know what it’s like to conduct a major life “downsizing” by getting rid of clutter then Liz Wright’s “Getting Rid of 1,000 Things” is meant for you. 

Liz walks you through the journey from realizing how much money, time, resource, etc. that she was wasting on the pursuit of stuff and then how she made the major life change to remove 1,000 things from her own life.

Her pursuit of simplicity wasn’t easy but it was worth it.

Minimalism For A More Full Life

grant blackman

Grant Blakeman, TEDxBoulder

Grant’s voyage of discovery of the power of minimalism to help him lead a more peaceful and full life are detailed in his talk, “Minimalism, For A More Full Life.”

This is all about how simplification rather than complication can make your personal world go round! 

Get Rid Of The Unnecessary To Get Down To Basics

colin wright

Colin Wright, TEDxINSA

OK, it’s got the least minimalist lecture title but “Get Rid of the Unnecessary To Get Down To Basics” is an excellent talk on strategies that let you lead a more freeing life. 

We like the fact that it’s packed full with individual experiences and success stories from all walks of life.