5 TED Talks on Sustainable Fashion You Must See

The best way to learn about sustainable fashion is to learn from industry experts and that’s why we’ve brought together these 5 TED talks on sustainable fashion you must see. They will help you take the next steps (shop vintage online!) to a sustainable fashion lifestyle

Each one of them is presented by a real expert with clear and actionable insight into how to make our fashion habit into something as positive for the planet as it is for us. 

Redressing The Fashion Industry | Orsola De Castro

Orsola De Castro gave this talk at the London Business School back in 2013 but it hasn’t aged badly, in fact, it’s still super relevant to where we are today. 

Underpinning the talk is the simple, but powerful, idea that if we can turn waste into fashion that people actually want to wear – then it becomes much easier for people to buy and demand sustainable fashion.

When she’s not giving Ted Talks, Orsola is running From Somewhere and Reclaim to Wear

Wearing Nothing New | Jessi Arrington

Jessi Arrington decided to bring her TED talk to life in style when she arrived in Los Angeles with just pairs of underwear!

Her mission? To find a collection of amazing outfits using nothing but the city’s numerous thrift and second hand stores. 

She wants her audience to consider how they can consume with conscious intent and to impress them with her considerable fashion sense!

You Are What You Wear | Christina Dean

Speaking at TEDxHKBU Dr. Christina Dean, the founder and CEO of Redress (an NGO with a focus on environmental sustainability in fashion), tackled the simple concept that what we wear reflects who we really are.

She acknowledges that we all need to form emotional bonds with what we wear and thus, it ought to be easier to be a mindful consumer of fashion.

She also urges us to take care of what we already own. 

Changing The World Through Fashion | Eva Kruse

The President and CEO of the Danish Fashion Institute, Eva Kruse, has very high ambitions for sustainable fashion.

She says that it’s possible for us to address major social, ethical, environmental, etc. challenges by becoming more conscious consumers.

And she offers the viewer a path to help make the changes they want to see in the world, it’s truly inspiring.

How To Engage WIth Ethical Fashion | Clara Vuletich

Clara Vuletich has worked for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world including H&M. 

Her TED talk tries to help us address the consequences of fast fashion and how we as more mindful consumers can better understand the life-cycle of our clothes.

This talk is packed with tips that can really help drive the adoption of sustainable fashion in our lives. 

It’s brilliant.

Last Words

We hope that you found inspiration in our TED Talks on Sustainable Fashion that you must see list and that you can help change your fashion practices for the good of the planet. 

If you want to try more ethical fashion products why not check out our guide to ethical and sustainable fashion? Or if you’d prefer just to get shopping – check out these organic cotton pajamas!

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