Tentree Multiplies Sustainable Impact One Hoodie At A Time

Fashion matters. 

We firmly believe that the clothes you wear say something important about you. 

And that’s why we love Tentree.

They are a truly sustainable fashion brand that knows that we can still look amazing and care for the planet at the same time. 

About Tentree

One of our favorite sustainable fashion bloggers mentioned Tentree recently and we had to check them out. 

It turns out that this company plants 10 trees every time that they sell an item. 

And to date, they’ve planted more than 5 million trees!

planting a tree

This helps fight climate change

And the goodness doesn’t stop there, they also use fully sustainable “Earth-first” materials in every garment. 

That means when you wear Tentree, you achieve a net benefit – rather than a net loss – for the planet!

Our Favorite Products

It’s so hard to choose but we love the comfortable loungewear that Tentree specializes in and our favorite products are as follows.

For women, the pairing of the French Terry Fulton Jogger and French Terry Crop Hoodie is unbeatable. 

tentree french terry hoodie

It’s perfect for a jog in the park, or for slobbing around in front of the TV.

And for the guys, we can’t get over how comfortable and cool the TreeFleece Golden Spruce Hoodie is. 

Final Thoughts On Tentree

Tentree is a brand that everyone should be proud to get behind, very few brands are making this much of a difference to the planet. 

Check out Tentree here.

If you’re looking for other sustainable fashion ideas, like those promoted by Tentree, you might also enjoy these sustainable fashion TED talks. 

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