The Big Tiny by Dee Williams

When Dee Williams learned that she had a major heart condition and that her life might be shorter than she wanted it to be unless she freed herself to live it – she rose to the challenge.

The Big Tiny is her personal story of creating a minimalist home and life that allowed her to focus on the things that really matter.

the big tiny by dee williams book review

$8 A Month In Housekeeping

How much easier would your life be if your housekeeping cost just $8 a month?

Well, that’s what Dee has achieved.

She lives in a home that has a floor space of just 84 square feet and her bills set her back less than $10 a month!

She says that it takes less than 10 minutes to give it a thorough clean.

Sure, this is a small home but she says it’s given her the space to live.

She can focus her time on the relationships that matter in her life and build bonds with family and friends.

When she wants to do something new – she can, she can just wander out the door and in minutes be anywhere that she wants to be.

the big tiny audible book

The Most Important Idea

We spend most of our lives working to accumulate stuff that we won’t use very much.

When we break that pattern – we can live.

Dee Williams’ story is inspirational and ought to be a guide to all of our futures.

You can live in harmony with yourself and the planet and enjoy life like you never thought possible before.

You can find The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir online here.