The Camper Van Bible

The Camper Van Bible is the second book that we’ve reviewed by Martin Dorey and you ought to check out our review of The Camper Van Cookbook as well.

Martin loves camping in a van and he’s got years of experience to share with you to make your life on the road (and vacation time) much more fun and much easier to deal with.

Camper Van Bible review

Camper Van Bible Is For Campers Not RVs

This is a guide to using, maintaining and enjoying a camper van such as the VW camper and not a bigger RV. Having said that, there’s plenty of useful information inside that can help you with an RV – it’s just not tailored to that size of vehicle.

It is tailored to camper vans and if you have one, this is the definitive text on how to get the most out of it.

Martin is the presenter of the British show, “One man and his campervan” and is considered to be the absolute expert on the subject.

He’s broken this guide down into four simple sections that cover everything you could want to know about camping in a van.

The Four Aspects Of Camper Van Life

You’ve got LIVE – that is how to own and live in your camper van on a day-to-day basis, EAT – which is how to cook and eat while you’re there, SLEEP – how to make sure that you get a great night’s sleep, which can be a real challenge when you’re not at home and REPEAT – how to make sure your camper van gives you years of service.

If you have a camper van, you need this book. It’s that simple.

You can find The Camper Van Bible by Martin Dorey online.

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