The City Homesteader Is Self-Sufficiency on Any Square Footage

The City Homesteader by Scott Meyer is the perfect handbook for those wanting to create their own, stable space anywhere in the world.

This is all about self-sufficiency and how to turn your home into a resource that can feed you and more. 

the city homesteader

The City Homesteader Is A Call To Action

Within the pages of the book Scott will teach you how to join the ranks of chicken farmers, bee keepers, fruit growers and more in your city.

He’ll show you how you can use natural energy, run your home in a more efficient manner and do it in harmony with the planet so that you are always giving back.

So Many Things To Learn And try

Scott’s knowledge really knows no bounds and if you’ve always thought cheese making was complicated or heating your home without fossil fuels was impossible, then you really need this book. 

And it’s so comprehensive, it’s packed to the seams with diagrams, tips, guidance on finding the supplies you need and so much more.  Homesteading is awesome and this book makes a homesteader happy anywhere.

We think that once you become a City Homesteader, you won’t look back!

You’ll save time and money and you’ll become more connected to the earth than ever before!

You can get yourself a copy to read here.

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