The Contrary Farmer Is An Independent Living Guidebook

Gene Logsdon knows something that few have dared to voice! The American family farm is not dying out. 

In fact, he asserts that family farming is currently undergoing the biggest boom in history as more and more Americans return to the soil to grow all or part of their own food.

A Rejection of Centralized Power

A Blueprint For Self-Sufficiency

Of course, The Contrary Farmer is a more involved book than just advancing a theory. It’s a practical manual as to how anyone can learn to be a cottage farmer.

Gene Logsdon is a proggressive farmer who has been growing his and his family’s own food in Ohio.

It is from his own experience that he can guide the new family farmer through their first steps into crop growing through to being a self-sustaining farmer.

A Blueprint For Self-Sufficiency

A Rejection of Centralized Power

Logsdon says that we should reject the “institutionalized claptrap” and “evils that centralized power always generates” and learn to be more reliant on ourselves.

He says that this is the only way to become truly civilized and we couldn’t agree more – we were meant to live in harmony with the land.

Everyone should check out The Contrary Farmer and see if they and their families can become more self-reliant.

You can grab a copy online here.