The Good Trade Is Awesome, According To Us

The Good Trade is the first in our Sites We Love series, where we introduce websites that you, dear reader, may have overlooked.

The Good Trade features content that could really add value to your quest for a more sustainable lifestyle and a greater level of harmony with the planet and each other.

Sustainable Living Guides Galore

The Good Trade was born in 2014 when a group of Los Angeles folks got together to create a community designed to evoke a slow living but sustainable life in which people are actively encouraged to love themselves, their communities and the planet as a whole!

As alternatives to fast fashion are being demanded more and more by consumers, The Good Trade digital magazine is poised to lead us into the future of sustainable living.

Their website is categorized into six distinct sections:

The Daily Good – which is an e-newsletter that you can sign up for that promises a super self-care living tip every day that takes 30 seconds or less to read and can be implemented in your life immediately.

Sustainable Living Guides

Then there are Fashion, Beauty, Self-care, Home and Culture sections each of which deals with a different aspect of sustainable living and includes a ton of useful advice to help you learn and grow as part of their community.

The best of The Good Trade comes in the form of its sustainable living guides.

These are not your usual 300 word light blog pieces designed to get you clicking for advertisers but rather substantive long form pieces which are meant to get you thinking about how you can benefit from a particular aspect of sustainable living.

Our Good Trade Faves

Ethical And Sustainable Clothing Brands

35 Ethical And Sustainable Clothing Brands Betting Against Fast Fashion

Yes, as the title says – this is all about getting to grips with fashion labels not willing to take shortcuts either in terms of the planet or in terms of the human beings that are used and often abused by the fashion industry at large.

They don’t hold back either – 35 ethical and sustainable clothing brands they promise and that’s exactly what they deliver along with neat summaries of each brand including a feel for the budget you need to shop there.

We are big fans of sustainable fashion brands at Whole People.

14 Sustainable And Ethical Underwear Brands For Every Body Type

Sustainable And Ethical Underwear Brands


They also recognize that not every woman is a size 6 Victoria Secret model and they know that you still want to look and feel awesome.

So, they’ve spent time tracking down underwear companies that aren’t afraid to cater to women of all descriptions. (Compare with our own picks for the best ethical underwear here.)

Again, there’s a lot of detail here, it’s not a page of quick links but there’s a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of what each company offers and how they are ethical and sustainable.

9 Best Affordable Brands For Ethical Fashion On A Budget

affordable sustainable fashion

One thing that we’ve noticed working in this space is that a lot of products for the ethical consumer are quite pricey.

And that means a whole bunch of people getting left behind by a movement that needs to involve all of us.

This great article highlights 9 brands that we can all afford to make use of in our fashion lives and we think it’s awesome for it!

So, don’t miss out on The Good Trade. You can find them on FB, Instagram & Pinterest.

PRO TIP: Many of the items for sale by sustainable fashion brands can be found at online thrift shops.