The Story Of The Jeans Redesign

Jeans are awesome. Everyone knows it.

They never go out of fashion. They are as hard wearing today as they were when denim was invented to outfit French factory workers.

The only trouble with jeans, to date, is the fashion industry and its destructive practices for the planet.

The good news is that jeans have just undergone a total redesign and we think you’ll like what’s going on.

The Jeans Redesign

The Ellen Macarthur Foundation has developed a new way to make jeans.

Jeans Redesign

One that produces highly durable, comfortable garments from recyclable and high-quality materials with the intent of creating a world in which our clothes never turn into waste.

They have already announced that over 60 brands are going to adopt the Jeans Redesign Guidelines and that the jeans made from this change will hit the market in May of 2021!

The new jeans can be worn for longer, can be remade when they’re no longer needed and they’re healthy for the planet! That’s a real cause for celebration.

Jeans Redesign Guidelines
Ellen Macarthur

Ethical Jeans Are The Future Of Fashion

If you want to find ethical jeans in the interim before The Jeans Redesign project starts to produce purchasable goods, check out our favorite ethical jeans brands

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