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The Plant Era is one of the brands that is pushing the plant-based diet frontier and ensuring that there are plant-based products for every aspect of our dietary lives.

After all, there’s not much point in going vegan if you have to abandon that when you go to the gym or when you’re working out is there?

Sports Nutrition Can Be Vegan

The Plant Era was started by Nicholas Orsini.

He was trying to get his fitness levels up for an Ironman competition and he couldn’t find the right kind of nutrition products.

Most of the “plant-based” alternatives tasted terrible and were stuffed full of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Worse, they didn’t dissolve properly when added to water and the texture was also severely lacking.

best vegan protein powders

So, he decided to make his own. It took 9 months of research but eventually he found the formula that underpins everything that The Plant Era does.

Vegan Protein Powder

Now, they offer two forms of protein powder based on that original formula – the dark chocolate and strawberry-basil.

plant vegan products era

They are used by thousands around the world to help build muscles and to shape and tone those muscles too.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the Arsenal footballer, is a huge fan of the chocolate flavor.

plant era vegan

They also offer two support supplements to complement the range – a bone support and an immune support supplement.

These are meant to keep you in perfect condition as you look to develop your health and fitness. They’re also surprisingly inexpensive.

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