The Radical Homemaker Is Redefining Rich With Self-Reliance

A lot of people talk about a life lived in touch with the land, one that costs less and feels better but for many it’s just talk. For The Radical Homemaker, Shannon Hayes, it’s a reality. 

She took the farm that her parents left her which had been purchased for just $40,000 and built a life which feeds two families and which redefines what it is to be rich and to be self-reliant.

The Blog & The Books

The core of The Radical Homemaker’s public presence is the blog which offers plenty of guidance and tips to get you started on the road to independent living.

This also offers readers access to her online farm store and the produce that they make on the farm.

She also has several books out which go into greater detail about how to build a truly self-sustaining life and you can read a synopsis of each on the blog site. 

Shannon Hayes’ is brilliant because her experience means that her insight is practical and useful rather than mad theories.

You know it works because she lives this reality rather than just writes about it. 

We’ve become huge fans and we’re sure you will too. 

Final Thoughts

If you like the ideas of The Radical Homemaker – there’s no reason that you can’t incorporate some of them in your own life.

You don’t have to move into the mountains to start a farm, you can always start one in the suburbs, in the city or in your backyard

Why not give it a try? You’ll save money, eat better food and have a better relationship with the planet. 

You can grab a copy at the Book Depository here.

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