The Wright Guide To Free And Low-Cost Campgrounds Includes Sites $20 And Under In The United States

We love to go camping and that’s why we love The Wright Guide. Do you know what we don’t love about camping? 

That’s right, the fees that so many camp sites levy for providing you with very little in return.  

If you’ve got a pop-up camper (like those featured in our guide) then why would you need to spend a fortune on camping fees? 

Well, thanks to Don and Joyce Wright’s “The Wright Guide”, you don’t have to. 

The Wright Guide To Free Campgrounds

This Book Pays For Itself 

In fact, we think this may be the only book we own that paid for itself on the first use. 

They’ve tracked down all the low-cost campsites in North America. There are thousands of them!  

Whether you want to visit a national park, state park, national forest, private campground, etc. they’ve got a low-cost place to stay just waiting for you. 

The Minor Drawback Of The Wright Guide 

The good news is that this is an excellent resource for finding campsites but actually finding them in real life can be a bit more challenging.  

We’d like to see them bring this guide into the 21st Century and make it electronic (like this one for a single state, but better) with links to maps and booking sites, etc.  

As is, once you locate the campsite in the guide you will have to Google them and do that bit yourself. 

It’s not a deal breaker, this is still the best campsite guide ever but we can hope for it to get even better, right?  

You can find The Wright Guide to Free And Low-cost Campgrounds: Includes Campgrounds $20 And Under In The United States by Don and Joyce Wright online. 

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