Ultimate Tiny Home Is Finnish Designers Masterwork

A designer in Finland has built what we think is the ultimate tiny home. 

He spent $10,500, made sure it had a floor space of just 100 square feet to avoid having to deal with the local planning authorities and completed the entire project in under a month. 

Why We Love This Idea

Tiny homes are a great idea and they’re not as hard to finance as they once were and, indeed, they bring loads of benefits to the owner.

But imagine being able to build and own a house for around $10,000 and to get it done in 3 weeks?!

Tiny House

That’s what Robin Falck, our Finnish designer, did. 

Millions of Americans could get themselves out of the rent trap, into homeownership, and without ending up in debt for the rest of their lives.  

It’s even eco-friendly to do so, Falck’s design used a ton of recycled materials too.

Final Thoughts On A Crazy Small & Cheap Tiny House

It might be small but Falck’s house has enough room inside for any individual and if you built one of these? You’d be able to save tons of money because you’d not need to spend a penny in rent again. 

The only note of caution we have in our enthusiasm for this project is that you should make sure that if you do build one of these that you don’t need planning permission either. Otherwise, things could become much more complicated, fast. 

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  1. I rent a tiny home but hope one day to purchase my own tiny home. A tiny home is easier to clean, costs less to heat and maintain and is a good way to avoid clutter.

  2. Can yall help my dream come true
    I wanted to build a tiny house with 2 bedrooms
    1 bathroom with a walking shower,kitchen living-room including laundry room

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