The Essential Tiny House Blogs

If you want to make the world a better place, there’s one really easy thing that you can do: reduce your consumption

And one of the easiest ways to do that is to live in a smaller home. A tiny house!

The best small house we can think of is a tiny house.

These bloggers can help you decide which tiny house you want to live in and support you after you move!

The Tiny Life

Best Tiny House Blogs

The big hitter in the tiny house world is The Tiny Life.

Ryan Mitchell moved into a tiny house in 2009 and started blogging about it at the same time and we love his tiny life.

Now, he’s been on nearly every news channel in the world and blogs on every aspect of tiny house life. He’s created much of the tiny house community through his effort extolling the value of tiny houses.

You can find anything from insurance to getting the right plot of land there.  And if you need any extra help, you may find it in these awesome green living blogs or these fantastic tiny house plans.

The Tiny House-Wife

Tiny House-Wife

Jordan Check’s The Tiny House-Wife is amazing. Her passion for tiny houses and tiny house living really comes through in this tiny house blog.

Jordan is seriously committed to this lifestyle and she lives in a home that’s only 85 square feet!

She can teach you not just how to save space but also how to save a ton of money while you do it.  And this is, of course, built on her experience of her own tiny living life. She’s one of the tiny house owners that really knows their stuff.

Tiny House Giant Journey

Tiny House Giant Journey

One of the best things about a tiny house is that it doesn’t have to stay in one spot and Guillaume’s and Jenna’s has traveled more than 23,000 miles since they began their tiny home journey back in 2014!

Follow them across the world on Tiny House Journey.

If you’re not tempted to follow in their shoes in your own tiny house after a visit, we’d be shocked. This is tiny houses done right.

The Tiny Project

The Tiny Project

Alex Lifeski’s day job is web designer. But after he built his own tiny home in 2013, he decided to use those talents to create a side project – The Tiny Project.

He offers a ton of resources focused on helping people build their own tiny homes.

We found that this was a blog that you can come back to over and over again and always learn something new. If you’re thinking of becoming tiny house dwellers in your own tiny home, this is an amazing resource.

Notes From The Little Life

Notes From The Little Life

Lina Menard tried and tested a bunch of tiny homes and spaces before making one of them a permanent home.

She now runs a consulting firm that helps people design their own tiny housing space.

In addition, she offers a bunch of interesting tips on Notes From The Little Life.  

Tiny House Blog

Tiny House Blog

Kent Griswold is the founder of Tiny House Blog.

He discovered “tiny homes” back in 2007 and became a massive fan of the idea and now, his blog offers an incredible amount of data on the movement and even tips on how to avoid being scammed.

This is important because the tiny house movement is relatively new and there are some serious potential pitfalls for the unwary.


One family of four. One giant dog in the form of a Great Dane. Just 232 square feet of home. How will they do it?

That’s what Macy’s MiniMotives will walk you through, just how easy it is for even the biggest group to live in less space when they take a more conscious approach to living. 

Tiny House Design

This is a nice little blog which is really a collection of Michael Janzne’s favorite Tiny House Designs.

While you will have to pay to access some of the designs many of them are available at no cost which makes it a very useful resource. 

Tiny House Swoon

Tiny House Swoon

If you want what amounts to an endless collection of beautiful tiny homes seen from pretty much every possible angle?

Then Tiny Houses Swoon is the blog site for you and a tiny home – you can’t fail to be inspired when it comes to this awesome blog. 

Humble Homes

Humble Homes

This is a blog about more than just tiny homes! It’s main focus is sustainable house-building and it’s packed with tips on how to build your tiny (or not so tiny) home in a way that’s completely friendly to the planet.

It also offers (at a fee) access to plans to build your own tiny homes. Check out Humble Homes!